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Embed our widget on your site.

Direct visitors on your site to information they need. Have your website administrator embed the code below.

Copy this code:

Somewhere in the HTML of your site/page (ideally in the <head> section) put in these two lines:

<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>
<script src="">

Then wherever you want the widget to appear on your page put the following in your HTML (you can use an element other than div if you like):

<div class="OCASI-211-search"/>

Change text and language:

There are 4 parameters you can set to override the default content of the widget; add these as data attributes on the OCASI-211-search element tag:

  • data-lang="fr"  — will use French text values and link to locations in
  • data-title="..."  — will override the defautl title text
  • data-subtitle="..."  — will override the text below the title
  • data-buttontext="..."  — will override the text in the submit

Override styles (if you have access to CSS):

All the elements in the widget have style selectors that explicitly start with the .OCASI-211-search class, so you can selectively provide your own styles by targeting elements within that selector. Styles and class names will be visible in your browser's developer tools Elements panel, that should be your reference.